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Hamdi Hato
5 min readDec 25, 2019


GEB an experince to remember

First, the concept of leadership has emerged to me by chance ten years ago, when I was 14 years old, where my friends and I always have fun and play in the neighborhood, we noticed that there was a lot of garbage dumped on the side of the roads and on our playgrounds.

14 years old

At this moment I decided as a child who wanted to live in a clean environment an idea that is closed to a city of Utopia”, I went home to grab some bags in order to collect the garbage. It was just me, and then my friends started to follow and help me in cleaning the neighborhood in an unexpected way, where they seemed interested in this initiative which creates a perfect situation of a perfect neighborhood.

This scene is still firmly rooted in my mind and imagination. Three years later, when I went to high school, I and my colleagues decided to organize daily seminars, which created a great educational value as we have academically excelled and then joined college.

18 years old

Things changed when these small steps turned into a real social action project. I started with initiative, which is a simple resolution to help the people of AL-Amari refugee camp avoid the fatal consequences of using pesticides or chemicals in food production. We planted the rooftops to grow garden-fresh plants. Our project demonstrated eco-friendly and beneficial outcomes since these gardens produce clean air, limit climate change and offer a beautiful space for children to enjoy.

21 years old

Another major purpose of this project is to activate the role of Palestinian women in a society that only ever showed them discrimination and ignorance. We consider women the chief leaders of this project considering they manage the project. Workshops offered by our volunteer team in the Camp definitely encouraged women to feel like proud, hardworking citizens. Considering that Babil has already offered great benefits to 15 families in Al-Amari Camp, the women’s center in Al-Amari Camp supported the project.

My social action project has motivated me to start my startup. And now, I’m proud to introduce you to Babilbot Babil, which is a scalable automated precision irrigation machine and software package. The idea is that we are not computers that can be programmed to solve these issues, yet we empower teams and individuals to manage all this mess from one single epicenter. The Precision of each plant can be watered individually with an optimized regimen that changes throughout the plant’s life cycle. The Automation system Data-driven makes big data and analysis more accessible and standard, which allows all farmers to make smarter.

And to show you how it works, I would like to give you a little example: By using the hardware to take extensive data measurements, the software can create data maps. These maps can be used to show where modification is needed, where to water more or less, temperature and pH. It will be easier to discover and analyze with such extensive data, as well as assuming the data measurements were taken after a medium rain. Using this map may allow better plant- placement decisions to be made in the future. It will also watering operations in the blue and wetter regions can be decreased or even canceled for a few more days. It is worth mentioning that the hardware and software are designed to be scalable, simple and hackable.

23 years old

In sum, the initiative is the advantage that creates creativity and spirit of cooperation and makes you an initiative person in all aspects of your life. Leadership is the thing in which its noble goal is easy but not simple and hard to make in order to achieve the best possible results. “No I can’t yes we can”

24 years old

Now, I can say that my experience suggests that the Palestinian people are pioneers initiative; this can be seen in the rooted concepts of leadership in our culture and our simplest behaviors.This is necessarily embodied in the various forms of struggle against the Israeli occupation. We have taken the lead and the initiative to prove our existence and this is part of our struggle for many years.

And because we suffer from a lack of primary sources to create an ideal environment, and we think and initiate every day and every hour to overcome the difficulties created by the occupation, I have a basic and golden rule that I follow in my life which is” no “I” can’t, yes “we” can”.The point of this statement is that I am unable to initiate on my own, however, working needs a team and the individual needs the group and the group needs the individual.

In conclusion, and in light of the rapid and wonderful development in this world, it took me thirty hours of travel to arrive here and be among you today, because Palestine does not have an airport that makes it easily open to the world. Unfortunately, we have to cross into Jordan and then to Dubai and then to Kuala Lumpur.

But after 30 hours of travel to arrive and see you; all the exhaustion has been faded once walked into this room, because being here worth all the effort and time.

25 years old

I want to address a message to thank them for their great efforts on standing up for me. I should not forget to mention three people who helped me to be here, Lady Ghada Kaddoumi and also my friends Ratib and Yousef

“No to hatred and war, yes to love and peace”



Hamdi Hato

Hamdi Hato is a Civil and Environmental Engineer (FE)with expertise in LEED, AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, fluent in Hebrew, Arabic and English.