Breast Cancer

Hamdi Hato
2 min readNov 12, 2019

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer among women, and the second cause of cancer death, after lung cancer. Hence, it’s very important to spread awareness across the globe to help prevent this common disease through constant checkups.

the first phase
The first Phase

These check ups mammograms helps tremendously in decreasing the number of women diagnosed with this disease. I teamed up with the women’s center in Al-Amari camp to give life to this project that was just an idea in my head.

I was able to achieve theses works art with the help of little children who live in Al-Amari camp. Seeing the smile on their faces, the excitement bursting through their little hands working by my side was definitely a huge part of the idea that this project promotes, which is life.

The children fighting and support creation Portrait

This art emerged with a fatal disease which is something we don’t get to see every day, creating an attractive site for people to come closer to see and understand more about. Art was basically used as a platform to raise awareness. Planting roses was a symbol of the love and hope this project aims to plant in women fighting this disease. Men, women, children, they all had a hand in this project in a way or another interpreting it into a piece of art that helps even if in a slight way to fight breast cancer.

The Final phase is READY!!

This project was executed as an example of how difficult subjects subjects such as breast cancer can be seen through art as a source of life, not the other way around. Empowering women to stand strong against breast cancer.



Hamdi Hato

Hamdi Hato is a Civil and Environmental Engineer (FE)with expertise in LEED, AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, fluent in Hebrew, Arabic and English.