Empowering Women in refugee camp

Hamdi Hato
2 min readSep 11, 2019


“Prevention is better than cure”

A mother and her daughters take care of the rooftop garden-Al-Amari refugee Camp

This project focuses on Al Amari Refugee Camp because there is a large population and because often, the women suffer from violence and oppression.

Due to the limited space, there are no playgrounds for children, and there is a severe lack of employment opportunities. Furthermore; due to the overcrowding, it’s full of rodents and pests.

The only open spaces in Al Amari camp are the rooftops. Our goal was to make them profitable by utilizing the unused space.With the help from the Al Amari Women’s Center and the Child Center, we were able to turn those rooftops into productive areas full of different kinds of herbs and vegetables, like mint, lettuce and parsley. The plants are fresh, 100% organic and chemical-free.

We also created spaces for social activities, connecting families together whilst gardening on the rooftops. We were able to make it an aesthetic and healthy environment.

We targeted 15 families / 7 rooftops including women from the first and second generation who have limited work opportunities by teaching them agricultural skills.

We also created an illustrated manual to help women who are illiterate, which demonstrates how rooftop agriculture can benefit the camp, and be profitable for women.

Cultivation of strawberries and crowflower
Great job for Al-Amare camp. Cement block fighting the air pollution



Hamdi Hato

Hamdi Hato is a Civil and Environmental Engineer with expertise in LEED, AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, fluent in Hebrew, Arabic and English.