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Hamdi Hato
2 min readNov 23, 2019

youth empowerment through community gardening

3D model

Project Name: Babil

Country: Palestine

A problem Palestinian refugees face is the incredibly high demand for natural, wholesome goods. Refugees live in exceedingly populated areas and face great obstacles considering their harsh living conditions and economical situations, meaning they do not have direct access to fresh, healthy food. We have offered a social action project known as Babil, a simple resolution to help the people of AL-Amari refugee camp avoid the fatal consequences of using pesticides or chemicals in food production.

Babil successfully assisted Al-Amari refugee camp by exploiting rooftops for growing garden-fresh plants. Our project demonstrated eco-friendly and beneficial outcomes since these gardens produce clean air, limit climate change and offer a beautiful space for children to enjoy.


Another major purpose of this project is to activate the role of Palestinian women in a society that only ever showed them discrimination and ignorance. We consider women the chief leaders of this project considering they manage the project. Workshops offered by our volunteer team in the Camp definitely encouraged women to feel like proud, hardworking citizens. Considering that Babil has already offered great benefits to 15 families in Al-Amari Camp, the women’s center in Al-Amari Camp supported the project.

Block cement fighting air pollution



Hamdi Hato

Hamdi Hato is a Civil and Environmental Engineer (FE)with expertise in LEED, AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, fluent in Hebrew, Arabic and English.